OC Hokies Scholarship 

One of our top goals each year and what our fundraising efforts all drive towards is to send a local Orange County High School Grad to Virginia Tech as a Freshmen with a scholarship from our Alumni Chapter.  We awarded our first ever OC Hokies Scholarship in the Summer of 2017 and have already solidified several more years due to our fundraising efforts the last couple years. We are excited to announce that we have set up a fund with the Virginia Tech Foundation to make it easy for you to contribute and to enjoy all of the benefits of donating to the University that we love so much!

To make a contribution to the OC Hokies Scholarship fund just follow these steps.

  1. Click or Paste the following link into your web browser - https://webapps.es.vt.edu/givingto/gift

  2. Select the a gift amount from the options provided or enter a specific gift amount in the text box. No donation is too small and it's a great way to start or extend your annual giving to Virginia Tech.

  3. Select an area: In the drop down box select "Alumni Association".

  4. Select a fund: In the drop down box select "Other"

  5. Designation: In the text box enter "877029 - Orange County Alumni Chapter Scholarship". The picture below shows what this will look like on the web page if you followed the preceding steps.

  6. Click the "Add this gift to your giving list" button to make this an annual selection or move onto "My information".

  7. Fill out the remaining fields under "My informations". 

  8. Indicate if your making this gift in honor or memory of someone.

  9. Click the "Give now" button.

  10. Notify your tax preparer of your Charitable contribution!!!!

  11. Thanks so much contributing to the OC Scholarship Fund. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues.


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